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This comprehensive 70-gene test helps you eat and exercise for your gene type, for better health.

$399 USD + Shipping and Taxes

"As a skin MD, I have often said to my patients, “One cannot have bad health and good skin."


Good skincare also means good health and fitness. In my bestselling book, The Genetics of Health (Simon and Schuster, NY 2017), I wrote that genes are our blueprint, but not our destiny. Genes are essentially protein-makers, if we eat and do the right things, we make helpful proteins; if we eat stuff that is not good for us, we end up with bad proteins, and poor health.


But how do we know what we should eat? This isn’t intuitive. As coffee keeps me up at night, I assumed I had dodgy caffeine genes. It turns out my caffeine genes are fine, and coffee is good for me. But until I tested my own genes, I had no idea.

While writing The Genetics of Health book, I developed the GT-21 gest test that was all about wellness: eating and exercising for one’s gene type. I had partnered with the University of Toronto’s state-of-the-art gene testing lab to bring you the GT-21 test. Well, that was a few years ago, and now it is time for an upgraded version, as new advances have been made in the field of genomics.

The new GT-70 test is about analyzing your genetic code to determine what is best for you: the 70-gene report makes individual recommendations that will help you have better skin and heart health, understand your food intolerances, improve your fitness performance, and lower your injury risk.

We do not test for any illnesses, so no worries regarding your insurance premiums or any anxiety regarding future illnesses. This is all about prevention—eating and exercising for your gene type - your own personal evolution into a new healthier you! And do look out for skincare for your gene type. That is the next health innovation I am working on...

Wishing you all the best,



Professor Sharad P. Paul MD
Fellow, Royal Society of Medicine
Adjunct Professor, Auckland University of Technology
Winner of the Ko Awatea International Excellence Award for Leading Healthcare on a Global Scale"

2018 NewsHub article - featuring Dr Sharad Paul, MD

The GT21 was developed by Dr. Paul while researching and writing The Genetics of Health

Your personalized 70-GT Test Report will help you get your health back on track

The Dr Sharad GT-70 Gene Test analyses your:

Physical Activity for Weight Loss 
Energy Balance  
Total Fat  
Saturated Fat  
Saturated and Unsaturated Fat 
Monounsaturated Fat 

Fat Taste Perception  
Sugar Preference 
Eating between Meals 

Caffeine and Heart Health  
Glycaemic Index and Diabetes Risk
Sodium and Salt metabolism
Omega-6 and Omega-3 Fat  
Physical Activity for Cardiometabolic Health 

Motivation to Exercise  
Exercise Behaviour 
Power and Strength  
Muscle Damage 
Bone Mass 
Achilles Tendon Injury   

Vitamin A (Beta-Carotene) 
Vitamin B12 
Vitamin C 
Vitamin D 
Vitamin E  
Iron Overload 
Low Iron Status  


Caffeine and Anxiety 

As featured in the 2019 Spring Edition of LUXURY Magazine

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Skin MD, Scientist, Storyteller, Social Entrepreneur