We all know that we yawn when we feel “tired” and it is said that yawning is contagious. But why do we yawn at all? This was a question that imperiled Andrew Gallup and colleagues who studied 109 creatures across 19 species and concluded that the bigger the brain, the...

Research is progressing nicely, although because we are in New Zealand and the regulatory bodies and our research labs are in America, it has taken longer than usual and we expect to launch in early 2018. Meanwhile, The Times of London ran a big piece on sunscreens and...

The other day there was a report in the news that said that coffee was very good for you. Equally, other reports suggest that coffee can increase the risk of heart disease. So what is the truth?

We know that coffee is the most widely used drug in the world.

The main acti...

Mapping Moles and Melanomas: Do Melanomas Mostly Arise in Moles?

Moles are not full stops
Nor commas
They may lie
But sometimes they tell the truth
Naevus interruptus

~ From the poem “Moles” (“De Natura Melanoma”: poems by Sharad P. Paul, Middle Island Press 2015)


He’s earning his living
Skinning me

~ From the poem “Melanihaiku 1” (“De Natura Melanoma”: poems by Sharad P. Paul, Middle Island Press 2015)

Increasingly we see Mohs Surgery being advertised. What is it? Mohs surgery is named after Frederic Mohs, a general...

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